Connecting with Local Berkshire Vendors

September 6th, 2016:

In a few of our previous posts, we have mentioned how this project has been a HUGE learning experience for us and therefore it’s constantly evolving! For guidance, we both believe that looking to people with years of experience is a great way to gather knowledge on something and gain valuable insight into possible problems and their solutions. For example, I love to dance, but I have no idea how to wire a sound system or make it sound good.  Greg might have a lot of ideas for fun activities in the field, but he has no idea how to get power to them, or even how much power they would need. We both love the effect lighting has transforming a space, but we would have no clue on where to begin a light installation. Most importantly, we both enjoy cooking together, but we couldn’t begin to prep a meal for 200 people!  Naturally, this led to us to getting in touch with some local top notch specialized professionals in the wedding industry.


For the past couple months, we have been meeting with Berkshire County, Southern Vermont and Upstate New York vendors to get some advice and see what they think of Bloom Meadows. Why have we been doing this? Well, our thought is, the more input we have from local professionals who will be working at the venue the better of a facilities we can provide. This leads to your wedding or private event going much more smoothly, allowing everyone a good time.  So, what has changed after these discussions?


The largest change and one all caterers should be thanking Gail at Thymes Tables for is a second (larger) kitchen! While we knew our original kitchen was going to be pretty tight, we didn’t quite understand how tight and what important things we were missing.  Leave it to Bob, our GC, to came up with the amazing idea to use what was going to be storage in the silo as a second kitchen. The original kitchen is now an accessory kitchen. Which will house a large fridge, ice machine, sink and space for coffee machines. Oh, and we had our fantastic electrician, Bruce Tower, install a special outlet that can handle the huge power load commercial coffee machines require. Who knew coffee machines suck up so much power!?…not us.  So, now we won’t blow the DJ’s speakers while the coffee is being brewed.  Our second and now main kitchen is now over twice the original size and will have convection ovens, gas stove tops, sinks and the most coveted of all, as much prep and storage area as possible for all those salads!  We are probably going to throw a fryolator in too, because after all those ‘sweating for the wedding’ workouts, it’s finally time to indulge a bit!


Now that you are fed, you are going to want to have fun right!? We recently met with Darren from Encore Audio Event Services and Julie from Seitel Lighting LLC a few times to go over sound and lighting.  Now, we are going to have plenty of in-house lighting and natural light filtering into the building – but once that sun goes down you may want a different mood for the space, and the best way to achieve that is with lighting and sound. I will have to be honest, this is an area that I appreciate, but did not quite understand neither the complexity of nor the power demands.  Between the two of them, they laid out our potential issues, clever workarounds and even some great ideas for the future. We now have extra plugs going in and are thinking of creative ways to hide wires along the ceilings, which would avoid potential cords on the floors. Bruce is also bringing power to each side of the ceremony/tent lawn with special hook-ups that will allow us to do a large mix of functions without the need for generators or power cords dragging hundreds of feet.  We have even ordered some open cell foam to apply under the chairs to help absorb sound bouncing off of the floor. Visually you won’t even see it, but your ears will hear the difference!


Lastly, I want to talk about Fire Roasted Catering, out of Great Barrington. We personally will be using them for our wedding (check them out!) Tom and his staff are some pretty talented and innovate human beings. They basically put on a fantastic live art show while cooking your food. They cook everything over open-fire, and use only in season and local meats & produce. He has helped us design the outside to better serve caterers that practice this form of cooking. We will have a loose stone area for easy clean up after pig roasts, legs of beef, etc. Plus it saves our grass. We will also have ample space for food trucks to pull up in back.


There have been a million other great ideas thrown our way from various vendors. So many that I cannot begin to type them all out, but we appreciate every single bit of advice.  Our goal is to make this a venue both you and your vendors want to work with. Us consulting and working with these local vendors now, will alleviate any future hiccups, making your night smooth and stress-free.


If you are a local vendor and wish to schedule a time to visit the site, we would love to show you around and pick your brain a little! Contact us via email [email protected]

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