Bloom Meadows

Bloom Meadows is a private event barn located in the heart of Berkshire County, in Hancock, Massachusetts. Rolling mountains & open meadow surround the property, making it an unforgettable location to host your special event. Whether it’s indoor or outdoors, casual or extravagant, Bloom Meadows will work with you to make it happen.

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It’s Been Too Long!

Hello everyone! Does anybody else find it difficult to keep up with blogging? Before I know it, months have passed and Greg and I have spent a solid couple weeks saying to each other “We need a new blog post!” It always seems to get pushed aside on the priority list of social media demands. Anyways, we finally set aside some time and have so much to recap. Our off-season wasn’t much of an “off-season,” which is a wonderful position to be in- no complaints. We had a few amazing…

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Winter Events at Bloom!

Hey Everyone! Greg and I have once again fallen behind on the blogs during this busy wedding season but, we wanted to let everyone know what has been going on, and what we have in store for the upcoming winter season.2018 has flown by, and we are down to our last couple weddings of the year. We experienced our first indoor ceremony, we built our bridge that has become a great “first look” spot! We have started construction on our house, but most of all we have been able to build a…

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