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Our First Berkshire Wedding Season: Part 2

Hi All! I have been slacking on the blogs I know, I apologize. Where did this summer go!? Leaves are already changing and it seems like just yesterday we were prepping for our first wedding with Aubrey & Jason. We are now fourteen weddings, four corporate events, and one fundraiser deep. Each event has been a unique experience for our team at Bloom and taught us how to operate more smoothly and has shown us different ways to take advantage of our venue and space. Knock on wood but, everything…

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Our first Berkshire Wedding Season, Part 1

  Hey everyone! Greg and I wanted to touch base with you all and let you know how things have been going and what’s new here at Bloom Meadows.  As you know by now, this is our opening wedding season, and after 3 years of planning, designing and building we are up and running and couldn’t be happier.  Many of you have been following us from the start and many of you have an upcoming wedding here! So, we figured we should let you all know how things have been…

First Wedding of the Season!

Aubrey & Jason June 3rd, 2017:  We recently held our first wedding here at Bloom and we could not have asked for a better couple to kick off the season. Aubrey & Jason, who are from North Carolina booked with us about a year ago. Believe it or not, neither of them had visited Bloom in person till two days before their wedding day! YES, seriously. Needless to say we were pretty nervous for their reaction. Luckily, they were very happy with everything:) Aubrey’s attention to detail was perfection. Between the vintage mismatched plates and the…